Kirjoitettu surkealla englannin kielelläni  englanniksi, koska tämä ei kuulosta niin hyvältä suomeksi. Eli tämä monologi perustuu Doctor Who tv-sarjaan.


You can travel anywhere in time and space, if you find your Tardis. Ou, you don't know what is the Tardis. Wel, now I tell you.

The Tardis is a spaceship. In fact Tardis is a blue police box. Tardis is bigger in inside and small outside. When you go first time in Tardis, it's can feel very weird. I'm was in Tardis. If you get lost in Tardis, first per

son who you see is Doctor. Wenn Doctor introduce oneself you ask:


"Doctor? Doctor who?" To answer, Doctor just smiles.

Doctor is very smart, handsome (yes, i think so), he has a screwdriver and bowtie on his neck. "Bowties are cool" thas't the Doctor say always.

If you are meat his wife, River Song, you must heard this: 

"Hello sweetie!" River Song is only person in this universum, who knows the Doctor's name.

Now you think how old Doctor is. I can tell you it. Doctor is almoust 1000 years old. 1000 yeards travel in this universum. Thas't sounds dangerous and at the some time funny. Funny? You really think so? Timetravel is not always funny. Doctor is saw timewar and his own grave.

But Doctor is save a million people and hunder planet. He is hero and also he is very god man.

I love Doctor, I love River and I alsoy love Clara and Amy. In fact I ♥ Doctor Who. Thas't the best tv-siries on universum. You don't maybe think like me, but when you see Doctor Who you love it.